21-25 nov. 2022 Roscoff (France)

Liste des conférenciers invités

(provisional titles)


Murat Acar (Yale)

Systems biology of single-cell aging


Serge Adnot (INSERM Paris)

Cell senescence as a target for lung diseases


Andreas Beyer (Cologne)

Ageing-associated decline of RNA biosynthesis


Thomas Bosch (Kiel, Germany)

Insights from non-senescent Hydra


Emmanuelle Cambois (INED, France)

Integrating social and biological mechanisms to understand the heterogeneity in population ageing


Francois Criscuolo (CNRS)

Telomeres as predictors of individual ageing trajectory : is everything written at the end of growth?


Vincent Geli (CRCM Marseille)

The p21-mtert knock-in mouse : an in vivo model of senescence by-pass and much more


Eric Gilson (Nice, France)

Impact of telomere alterations on organismal fitness and adaptation


Steve Horvath (UCLA)

DNA methylation age studies of mammals


Sandrine Humbert (Grenoble)

Huntingtin participates in the stress response on adult hippocampal neurogenesis


Lida Katsimpardi (Institut Pasteur)

Systemic regulation of the balance between aging and rejuvenation


Eli Keshet (Hebrew University, Israel)

Vascular theory of aging


Julie Law (Salk Institute, USA)

Mechanisms governing DNA methylation during plant development


Han Liang (Univ Texas)

Comparative analysis of primate genomes reveals an evolutionary origin of aging-related diseases


Julia von Maltzahn (Jena)

Muscle stem cells during aging and in aging-related diseases


Christof Niehrs (Mainz)

The role of Gadd45 in DNA methylation and ageing


Sven Petterson (Singapore)

Gut microbe interactions & age related organ function ; A special focus on brain


Florence Solari (CNRS)

Deciphering muscle aging in C. elegans


Björn Schumacher (Max Planck Cologne)

DNA damage responses in aging and disease : an organismal perspective


Dario Valenzano (Jena, Germany)

African killifishes shed light on evolution and modulation of vertebrate lifespan


Rudi Westendorp (Copenhagen)

Harnessing the power of big data to challenge human ageing


Maxima Yun (Dresden)

Limits to senescence in super-regenerators : insights from the salamander

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